Animal Friends

Daisy is our ever faithful yellow lab, also known as Hi-Lee, for "highly gifted". 
She's always ready for a romp, follows an elk trail like she's on a GPS route, and faithfully guards her alpha, Steve, whenever he takes a nap on the trail. 
Mischief, a 27 year old Arab, is the sweetest of horses, and Janie's long time favorite mount.  He has amazing endurance, loves apples, cantaloupe, and oranges, and will do almost anything for a bite of PBJ sandwich.
Boss is an 18 year old zebra-striped dun.  He has an amazing sense of direction, lots of heart, and is a born traveler.  He's the boss horse, keeping the others in line, but once he's asserted his dominance with the others, he's easy to get along with.  He's afraid of nothing... except goats, sheep, and bears.
Coco, our 18 year old Anglo-Arab, is easy-going and has a nice long stride that eats up the miles.  He a smart boy who comes quickly when we whistle in hopes of getting to the treats first.  Coco loves to play in the water, splashing with his nose and sometimes blowing bubbles!  

Sugar, a 7 year old Arab, is our newest addition.  She's beautiful, smart, and voluntarily hops in the trailer to go for a ride. The other boys hang out with her whenever possible. We think they are in love.


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